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Wallis Bird Cover


My dears, since you've fullfilled our crowdfunding dream we can't stop smiling. Here's a little present for you: a cover version of the Wallis Bird song "Encore". Wallis Bird is on of our all-time-favourite artists, full of inspiration and energy. Lately Wallis has made a bunch of covers by herself, so we thought, it's about time that somebody covers her brilliant music.
Well, and one day we'd like to share the stage with her... <3

Successful Crowdfunding!


You are simply amazing - 6.071 bucks. Many thanks to everyone who supported our courageous Crowdfunding project and believes in us đź’› You can be sure: it'll be a blast on April 4th in Lido

Crowdfunding Kampagne

"The More the Merrier" oder: Make us Lido!

Heute startet der Größenwahn!
Ein Abend wie die Stadt: Verschiedenste Künstler*innen, Musik, Zirkus, Bühnenbild, Licht, Gaumenfreuden. Holler my Dear will alles auf einmal. Und da das viel verlangt ist, brauchen wir eure Unterstützung, um diesen Größenwahn zu verwirklichen. Unsere verehrten Gäste stellen wir euch in den nächsten Wochen vor. Holt euch JETZT euer Ticket, seid per Livestream dabei. Nur wenn wir unser Ziel gemeinsam mit euch erreichen, können wir dieses Konzert in seiner Einmaligkeit auf die Beine stellen: 4.4.19 Lido Berlin - helft uns diesen großen Traum wahr zu machen! <3

monojo Remix

Check out this Monojo remix of our song FORWARD! Holler my Dear goes IDM … How do you like it?

Official music video out now


Many thanks to the wonderful Hula Hoop artistJessie Rose and our amazing film team Kai Eiermann, Christoph Rohrscheidt, Elsa KrauĂź, Jennifer Galle & Filmgarnitur/Lewald TV.

Two years ago during songwriting we wouldn't have guessed how up to date this song would be today. Still there's so much right-wing shit and regressive tendencies going on in whole Europe.
Let's all stand in for humanity and open-mindedness.


I won’t stop stepping forward and
I won’t stop thinking forward and
I won’t stop looking forward to this

Speaking of which: stay tuned and look forward to the "Forward" Remix by Monojo, in 3 weeks.

Until then, let us know how you like the video.

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Holler my Dear is supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.